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PDN’s Top 10 Photo of the Day Posts of 2018

Here we look back on the most popular PDN Photo of the Day Posts of 2018. Launched in 2008, the Photo of the Day blog showcases work from photographers’ personal projects, unpublished works, commissions and assignments, exhibitions, and published books.

This year’s gallery is chosen by you, the viewer. It includes photographs that touch on many of the important topics in our society and culture, including racial and gender equality, and homelessness. It also includes a coming of age story, and work from a collaborative project by two legends of American art.

The slideshow above features one image from each of the top ten posts. Links to each full gallery and accompanying article are below.

1. Women for Real

Amy Gelb’s plain-spoken, yet graceful portraits of women from all walks of life invite the viewer into a conversation about “women, self-image, and how we define beauty,” said the publisher of her book.

2. The Bedrooms of the Ordinary and Not Famous

“American Bedroom,” an ongoing series by Barbara Peacock, is a study of Americans in a place of intimacy and privacy—their bedrooms.

3. Deana Lawson Unpacks Complexities of Race and Identity

Lawson’s images, which were featured in an exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Art, address critical issues surrounding representations of African Americans and the African diaspora.

4. Foliage, Fabric and Female Flesh
Jocelyn Lee says she wants her images of women “to expand the notion of the beautiful to include the more vulnerable stages of life, including adolescence, pregnancy, middle age, old age and illness.”

5. Maggie Steber Reveals Her Dark Side

Internationally acclaimed documentary photographer, educator and photo editor, Maggie Steber assumed an alter ego for this series that won her a Guggenheim Fellowship.

6. Inside One of Oakland’s Tent Cities

For an ongoing series, Matt Mimiaga has built relationships with people living in a tent city outside a Home Depot. In an interview with Photo of the Day, he discusses how he creates the work, and why he’s shy of social media.

7. Former NYPD Detective Finds His Photographic Muse

Photographer and retired cop John Botte and former ballerina Elicia Ho collaborated on this book project.

8. Richard Avedon and James Baldwin on America Then (and Now)

Combining Avedon’s images and a 20,000-word essay by Baldwin, the book, first published in 1964 ruminated on American identity. It was reissued this year by Taschen.

9. Acknowledging a Daughter’s Passage to Adulthood in Photographs

Siân Davey began photographing her teenage daughter “at a time when a child is on that cusp of being and becoming a woman…before the child leaves and the young woman stands on her own to meet the world.”

10. Edvard Munch in Black and White

Legendary Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was also keenly interested in photography. An exhibition this year highlighted Munch’s photographs, prints and films, exploring his use of the camera as an expressive, experimental tool.


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