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Contemplating the American Landscape

Contemplating the View: American Landscape Photographs at the Addison Gallery of American Art looks at the impulse to creatively portray America’s landscapes. Featuring over 150 photographs ranging from the dawn of photography to the present, the exhibition interprets America’s natural and manmade features as symbols of a nation whose history and national identity is inextricably linked to the land.

Among the photographers included in Contemplating the View are Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, Lois Conner, Marcia Resnick, Edward Weston, Katherine Wolkoff, and Roger Minick.

Through the lenses of some of the most iconic photographers of the 19th through 21st centuries, topics ranging from manifest destiny and land conservation to climate change and suburbanization are explored.

“The American landscape has come to symbolize the nation’s most profound ideals and imperfections, representing bounty and independence, overdevelopment and corporate interests,” said Judith F. Dolkart, The Mary Stripp and R. Crosby Kemper Director of the Addison Gallery of American Art. “As environmental debates continue to shape our national discourse, we look forward to providing deeper insight into America as the ‘land of opportunity.'”

Contemplating the View: American Landscape Photographs
Addison Gallery of American Art
Through 30, 2019

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