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Parents: Mitsuaki Ohwada / tattooist & Akie Ohwada / housewife; Child: Keiko Ohwada / elementary school student; “I used to think all adults had patterns on their bodies. So what a shock it was the first time I went to a public bath: NOBODY HAD ANY TATTOOS!” –Keiko Ohwada. © Bruce Osborn

Generations of Japanese Parents and Children

November 29, 2018 Portraits/Portraiture
Artist: Niv Rozenberg; Title/Date: Boswijck 06, 2017; © Niv Rozenberg/Courtesy of Klompching Gallery, New York

Home Obscured

November 27, 2018 Fine Art
© Ben Schonberger
Beautiful Pig, 2013. From "Beautiful Pig," a solo exhibition of work by Ben Schonberger, at Filter Space Gallery.

Who Called the Coppers

November 20, 2018 Fine Art
Top row left to right: Designed by Lorraine Wild, Roger Gorman, Yolanda Cuomo, Yolanda Cuomo, Lorraine Wild, Catherine Mills; Bottom row left to right: Designed by Katy Homans, Wendy Byrne, Yolanda Cuomo, Wendy Byrne, Mary Shanahan, Roger Gorman

Printed Matters

November 19, 2018 Publications
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