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Examining Technology through Colorful Collages

With his Binary Code series, Max de Esteban examines the world by creating photographic imagery that utilizes the traditions of appropriation and remix. As with his earlier bodies of work, Esteban looks at how technology is a determining factor in artistic expression, human relationships, and in our mediation of the world.

Binary Code is on view at Klompching Gallery in New York through October 26, 2018.

Esteban’s photographs draw comparison to the assemblages of Robert Heinecken (1931–2006), and the collages of the Surrealists, especially those of the Dadaists. “Though the imagery is very much grounded in reality, the use of layering forces the viewer to question that reality,” writes the gallery in a statement.

The exhibition brings together nine artworks from the series. The photographs are colorful collages, with each element carefully selected from a broad range of source material. There is no definitive meaning attached to each piece, “thus sending the viewer on a trajectory of multiple narratives that excite the imagination,” writes the gallery. Components in each photograph—a woman’s face, industrial structures, silos, graphics, swathes of color—at once seem positively familiar, and yet unknown.

Binary Code
By Max de Esteban
Klompching Gallery
Through October 26, 2018

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