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Reflecting a Contemporary Midwest America

New Midwest Photography, curated by Andy Adams, presents the work of ten artists residing in America’s heartland who blend personal observation and regional knowledge to produce photography that uniquely reflects their surroundings.

Adams, who is based in Madison, Wisconsin, was invited by the James Watrous Gallery at the Wisconsin Academy of Arts & Letters to guest curate the exhibition because of his eye for talented photographers and his familiarity with the region. “Adams has sparked and nurtured a remarkable online community through FlakPhoto, a digital channel dedicated to contemporary photography and visual culture,” says Watrous Gallery director Jody Clowes.

New Midwest Photography includes work by Clarissa Bonet (Chicago), Jess T. Dugan (St. Louis), Tytia Habing (Watson, IL), Jon Horvath (Milwaukee), Julie Renee Jones (Dayton, OH), Dave Jordano (Chicago), Nathan Pearce (Fairfield, IL), Barry Phipps (Iowa City), Jason Vaughn (Milwaukee), and Lindley Warren (Iowa City).

Adams describes his experience with FlakPhoto and his approach to the exhibition like this:

I grew up in rural Wisconsin, and for most of my childhood I was certain that someday I would move far away, to a big city, to “make it.” I’ve come to see that the Midwest is actually a perfect place to make a creative life.

Part of what led me to this conclusion was a photography website I launched in 2004 called FlakPhoto. Publishing the site connected me to hundreds of image-makers from around the world and gave me a creative outlet to promote their work to a worldwide audience—all from a one-bedroom apartment in Madison.

My fourteen years of hosting this online community has led me to some incredibly talented artists based right here in the Midwest. So, when the James Watrous Gallery approached me to curate a photography exhibition I knew immediately that it should focus on image-makers who had decided to put down creative roots in this part of the country. Our goal with New Midwest Photography is…to recognize this part of America as a vibrant hub of photographic practice.

Adams and several of the artists will attend the opening reception on September 7 from 5-7pm.

New Midwest Photography
James Watrous Gallery, Overture Center for the Arts
Madison, Wisonsin
September 7 to October 28, 2018

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