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Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Lies, a juried exhibition that explores the art of deception through the lenses of ten contemporary photographers, opens tomorrow at the Colorado Photographic Arts Center.

Since its invention in the 1800s, photography has had a complex relationship with the truth. “The camera is a machine designed to accurately capture the real world in fine detail,” writes juror Richard McCabe. Yet photographers have perpetually found ways to manipulate the camera’s ability to capture reality through optical tricks, darkroom processes, staged scenery, and other means. Today, because of software programs such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and Instagram, “the tools available for photographers to undermine the inherent truth of the photographic image are seemingly endless,” said McCabe.

For Lies, McCabe selected 29 pieces by ten photographers who “create work that blurs the lines between the real and unreal, fact and fiction, myth and reality. Lies is a timely exhibition that explores the camera’s changing role in an age where the validity of almost every photograph is in question.”

The theme of “lies” resonates on a broader scale as well, believes CPAC Executive Director Samantha Johnston. “With claims of fake news and polarizing viewpoints shaping our current culture, we thought it would be a fascinating time to invite artists from across the country to explore this theme and the effects of misinformation on society,” she said.

Six of the ten exhibition artists are based in Colorado: Alpert+Kahn (CO); Michael Borowski (VA); Annette Burke (CA); Thomas Carr (CO); Mark Dolce (CO); Shelli Foth (CO); Karin Kampe (CO); Meghan Kirkwood (MN); Andy Mattern (OK); Paul Stein (CO)

Colorado Photographic Arts Center
August 31 – October 6, 2018

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  1. The concept for this show was a great one. The jury results was a total failure. Too bad the powers that be at CPAC have to put on a supportive face to this banality. I know you are going to discount this review because I’m giving a false name and email address. But I’m a real person none the less and this is my opinion.

    • Dear Anonymous John Doe, Have you seen the exhibit? I would sincerely like to know why you think the juried results are a failure, and why you think it’s banal. Please elaborate.

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