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No Ordinary Femininity

The 17 women photographers featured in an exhibition opening tomorrow at the PH Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, offer an alternate version of femininity than historically proposed by the male-dominated South African media. “Imbued with nuance, the works in this show highlight the treachery of a culture where the viewer is required to separate from reality,” writes the gallery to explain the disconnect between how women are often visually portrayed vs. the reality of their lives.

In South Africa, the rate of femicide, rape and domestic violence is exceptionally high. The exhibition, called No Ordinary Women, questions what role misrepresentative imagery plays in blinding the nation to violence against women. The country “not only tolerates violence against women, but also, through its inaction actively condones it,” write the gallery.

The photographers in the exhibition are Nicky Newman, Jodi Bieber, Lerato Mojapelo, Melinda Stuurman, Saaiqa, Busiswa Maswana, Neo Baepi, Nadege Sanz, Natalie Payne, Keletso Nazir Mfolo, Michelle Loukidis, Meghan Daniels, Vuyi Qubeka, Noncedo Gxekwa, Sitaara Stodel, Tracey Derrick, and Amanda Green.

With this exhibition, the gallery wishes to encourage a broader discussion on where and how art can become a gateway to understanding, engaging with each other in a more nuanced way, and healing.

No Ordinary Women
PH Centre
Cape Town, South Africa
Opening August 16, 2018

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