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Women in Photography: 1839 – Present

The George Eastman Museum is home to one of the most comprehensive collections of photography in the world. The holdings include objects ranging in date from from the announcement of the medium’s invention in 1839 to the present day. Works by photography’s masters exist side-by-side with vernacular and scientific photographs.

The museum’s History of Photography Gallery is dedicated to rotating installations that consider photography’s many trajectories. The current rotation, curated by Rachel E. Andrews, looks at photography’s history through works produced by women photographers, artists, painters, and entrepreneurs. Images in the show include hand-colored portraits from the late 1800s and a botanical specimen by Anna Atkins. The photograph by Margaret Bourke-White that was published on the cover of Life magazine’s first issue is featured, as well as a conceptual artwork of appropriated words and imagery by Barbara Kruger, and an 1867 photo of Mrs. Herbert Duckworth taken by Julia Margaret Cameron.

The installation highlights women’s involvement in photography from its mid-nineteenth century debut to the current moment.

Focus 45: Women in Photography
George Eastman Museum
Through October 14, 2018

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