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A Bird’s-Eye View of Louisiana’s Disappearing Wetlands

Bayou’s End, an exhibition of photographs by Ben Depp, shows the rapidly changing landscape of Southern Louisiana from above. Louisiana’s wetlands are disappearing at the rate of a football field per hour, equaling one of the greatest environmental tragedies of our time. To capture the sublime beauty of this ecosystem, Depp rides a motor-powered paraglider, flying between 10 and 2,000 in the air for hours at a time. “The bird’s-eye perspective and incredible detail in his images prompt viewers to see and understand this landscape in new ways, and to reexamine their relationship to the environment that surrounds them,” writes A Gallery For Fine Photography in the press release.

Depp’s images make a meaningful contribution to the ongoing conversation concerning Louisiana’s wetland loss. At the same time, their ethereal quality transcends this context.

Ben Depp is a documentary photographer and National Geographic Explorer based in New Orleans.

Bayou’s End
By Ben Depp
A Gallery For Fine Photography
New Orleans, LA
Through September 27, 2018

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