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A Few Singular Men

Matthew Genitempo, who was selected as a PDN’s 30 2018 emerging photographer, is based in Marfa, a small city in Texas known for its left-leaning artistic bend within a conservative state. “Jasper,” a series on view at FotoFilmic, took Genitempo to Jasper, Arkansas, a small town in the Ozark mountains, where he followed a few singular men who have chosen to lead sequestered lives there.

Genitempo’s detailed black-and-white images conjure a unique sense of time and being, inseparable from the geological presence of the timeworn Ozark mountains. The quiet portraits and landscapes contradict the fast pace of modern times, reminding us of simpler days.

The work reveals “a reality filled with both existential plenitude and accepted nostalgia” writes the gallery in the press release.

“Jasper” was awarded a solo exhibition at FotoFilmic by juror Mark Steinmetz.

By Matthew Genitempo
Vancouver, Canada
Through August 19, 2018

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