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The Visualization of Anonymity and Duality

Until July 22, Galerie Caroline O’Breen in Amsterdam presents a duo exhibition by Maarten van Schaik and Jitske van Schols. For both artists, the concepts of memory and intuition serve an important role in their artistic expressions.

Maarten van Schaik plays with the ideas of anonymity and abandonment in his series “Anonymous Contacts.” His work is about intuition and alienation, but also about surrender. Intuition, which Schaik defines as “the moment when emotion and reason come together and something elusive arises,” is key to his work. Schaik says, “I am not interested in pure registration or a factual approach of the things I am photographing. The objects and subjects which I photograph remain veiled. They are part of a world in which the distinction between dream and reality is not stable.”

Jitske Schols aims to capture the feeling of duality in her series “Songs for soprano, etitude #1.” For this project she went back to the place she grew up – the estate of Ewijckshoeve in Lage Vuurshce – where she had a happy, peaceful time as a child, not aware the same place formed the backdrop of tragedy a century earlier. In 1889, a young woman named Anna Witsen drowned herself in the pond of Ewijckshoeve. Schols visited the site where Witsen committed suicide, yet was simultaneously aware that this same landscape was the setting of her cheerful childhood.

Maarten van Schaik & Jitske Schols
Galerie Caroline O’Breen
Through July 22, 2018

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