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The Assassination of R.F.K. Frame by Frame

This is the  assassination of Robert F. Kennedy photographed from start to finish by Harry Benson: from the happiness in the Ambassador Hotel Ballroom to the fate that awaited R.F.K. “As Bobby lay there, a rosary placed in his hand, chaos ensued, and five others were shot around me,” says Benson.

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination, with excerpts from R.F.K.’s speeches and from Benson’s own 1966–68 journals, R.F.K.: A Photographer’s Journal is an intimate photographic portrait and a tribute to R.F.K, and the legacy he left behind.

Benson’s photographs capture intimate family outings alongside Senator Kennedy’s brief presidential run, from the announcement of his candidacy on St. Patrick’s Day in 1968, to the fervor and excitement of his days on the campaign trail, all the way through his assassination in Los Angeles and the funeral procession to Arlington Cemetery.

The book, published by powerHouse Books,  provides a glimpse into the successes of his campaign and to the chaos of the tragic night in Los Angeles where he was killed, and the mourning of hundreds of thousands of Americans  who considered him a hero.

R.F.K.: A Photographer’s Journal
by Harry Benson
powerHouse Books

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