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Iraq Through the Eyes of Local Photographers

Through the eyes of a young generation of Iraqi photographers, Over My Eyes presents moments of daily life in Iraq, a country trapped by conflict. The project is both a traveling exhibition and a book. It aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of a region facing a major humanitarian catastrophe by offering atypical images of Iraq. Instead of the pictures of war, violence, militias and refugee camps seized upon by the media, Over My Eyes shows the the beauty of the land, moments of joy and fatigue, family archives, and more. As locals, the photographers – Aram Karim, Bnar Sardar, Seivan M. Salim, Hawre KhalidRawsht Twana, Twana Abdullah, Ali Arkady – have unprecedented access and knowledge of the area that brings viewers closer to their homeland and to the people whose lives go on in spite of the war.

The exhibition is composed of over 250 images, video installations, short documentaries, video interviews, written essays, maps, info-graphics and a physical archive containing original prints. Having just been shown at DOX Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague for the first time, the exhibition’s next stop is at the Jakopic Gallery in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The book, with an introduction by Fred Ritchin, is available for purchase.

Over My Eyes is produced by DARST, a nomadic art studio for documentary projects led by Stefano Carini and Dario Bosio.

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