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Reaching Beyond the Clichéd Image of the Romani

In 2009, Swedish photographer Åke Ericson began documenting the everyday lives of Roma people across Europe. The resulting photographs are collected in Non Grata, published by GOST Books. “Latin for ‘undesirable’ or ‘not welcome’ Ericson’s title suggests the discrimination many Roma face in daily life due to their last name or complexion,” explains a statement released by the publisher.

Roma people “often live outside of society without human rights: social, political, cultural and economic,” writes Ericson. “My aim with this photographic series is to reach beyond the clichéd image of the Romani,” he explains, adding, “I do not only want to show the repression and misery under which great numbers of Romani live. My story is also about the Romani who are integrated into everyday life.”

Non Grata brings viewers to deeply underprivileged communities in Eastern Slovakia to areas of Spain where Romani children attend school and climb the socioeconomic ladder.

“Ericson attempts to show not only the reality of a displaced community but also the positivity and creativity which exists within,” states the publisher.

The publication of Non Grata coincides with an exhibition of the project at Atelier für Photographie, Berlin, from April 26 – May 24, 2018 and at La Moulinette Gallery, Paris, from August 30 – September 16, 2018.

Non Grata by Åke Ericson
GOST Books

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