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Former NYPD Detective Finds His Photographic Muse

With a nod to classic portraiture, One Woman is a collaboration between photographer John Botte and previous ballerina Elicia Ho. The result is a dual meditation on Botte’s relationship to subject and craft, and Ho’s psychological exploration of herself.

In the images Ho pays homage to the real and fictional people who have inspired her by evoking the facets of herself that were shaped by these figures. Ho personifies her American mother, her Chinese aunties, her feminist father, Josephine Baker, Georgia O’Keefe and Gloria Steinem, among others.

One Woman is the visual diary of Elicia’s ‘beoming,’ offering an empowering visual and emotional transformation of her sense of self and multifaceted identity, demonstrating that we are all interconnected, able and obliged to influence one another’s story,” writes the publisher, Glitterati Editions, in a statement.

Botte is also the author of Aftermath: Unseen 9/11 Photos by a New York City Cop (HarperCollins). His position as a first responder and detective allowed unprecedented access to this pivotal historical moment. Botte retired from the NYPD in 2003.

One Woman by John Botte and Elicia Ho
Glitterati Editions

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