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Cuban Millennials and the Future

We’re told millennials will change the world.

Frank Thiel has been photographing 15-year-old Cuban women born in 2000 on the day of their Quince, a ubiquitous rite of passage for young women in Latin America. The images he made are the subject of a current exhibition called “15[Quince]” at the Sean Kelly Gallery in New York.

Across most Latin communities, the Quince tradition recognizes a Quinceañera’s transition from childhood to adulthood and is considered among life’s most important events. In a departure from typical Quinceañera photographs that glorify Cuban culture, Thiel chose to photograph the young women in their own neighborhoods. The images aim to create a complex visual journey through Havana’s urban and often worn landscape, “providing an intimate depiction of a city that is often idealized and romanticized,” states the press release.

Offering a visual metaphor of empowered young women coming of age and representing the future of Cuba, Thiel juxtaposes the women against the shifting social and economic climate of the city. As the press release explains, “Just as these fifteen-year-olds embody a state of flux, hovering in a state between childhood and adulthood, Cuba remains in a state of uncertain transition, its future evolving like that of these young women.”

Sean Kelly Gallery
15 [Quince]
February 10 – March 18, 2018

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