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Richard Fischer: An Ambassador to Endangered Flowers

Every year, countless flowers disappear from the face of the Earth without ever being documented, or even recognized. It is said that up to 50 percent of the world’s flower species could be threatened with extinction.

Photographer Richard Fischer likes to act as an ambassador for flowers, staging endangered floral specimens in his photo studio, determined to capture the uniqueness and transience of each flower. The images allow the flowers’ majesty and power of expression to remain intact in the face of, or following, extinction.

For the first time, Fischer brings together pictures spanning 15 years in one photography book: A Tribute to Flowers: Plants Under Pressure, published by teNeues. The photographs are accompanied by texts that “lead the reader through an unknown and dwindling world of flowers,” states the press release.

Working at botanical gardens around the world, and in collaboration with botanists, Fischer’s images “record the unique color, form, and texture of each flower, while signaling to the extraordinary beauty, diversity, and fragility of the natural world.”

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