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Fifty Years of Joel Meyerowitz

This month marks the 80th birthday of American Street photographer Joel Meyerowitz, as well as the release of Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself, published by Laurence King Publishing ($65). As the first major single book retrospective of Meyerowitz’s work, the book spans the artist’s entire career to date. The images, which include his coverage of Ground Zero, his work on trees, his trips across the U.S. in the footsteps of Robert Frank, and his iconic street photography work, among other projects, are presented in reverse chronological order.

The text, written by Meyerowitz, reveals a “candid account of the photographer’s work and life: growing up as a street kid in the East Bronx tenements; his first experience of photography in 1962; his documentation of an America mired by the Vietnam War, and his harrowing return to NYC in the aftermath of 9/11,” states the press release.

Joel Meyerowitz: Where I Find Myself is both a historical account of a photography icon and a self-portrait of an artist working at the forefront of American society for over five decades.

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