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Looking at Norway Like an Astronaut

Last year, after the birth of his daughter, Ole Marius Joergensen carved out three days of free time to go on a road trip with a close friend. And a space suit. Joergensen wanted to capture the beauty of his homeland, Norway, with a twist – the perspective would be that of an astronaut visiting the country’s picturesque landmarks. He and his friend visited fjords and mountains, bringing a dream-like atmosphere to the locations. The astronaut and the land on which he stands are closely linked, yet the explorer is also an observer. In this series, the astronaut is not the protagonist, Norway is. In the press release, Joergensen says, “Soon it became obvious that the space suit was a symbol for discovering Norway; for venturing into the unknown and for charting new creative territory.” The images offer a humorous avenue into the mind of a tourist and at the same time highlight the sublime scenery of Norway.

Joergensen’s images are on view at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York through February 24, 2018.

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