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Fifty Stories Shot in War’s Wake

“The end of war does not mean peace. It is simply the end of death and destruction. Every story of war includes a chapter that almost always goes untold – the story of the aftermath, which day by day becomes the prologue of the future.”
– Sara Terry / Founder, The Aftermath Project

War is Only Half the Story, published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, looks back on ten years of The Aftermath Project. Founded in 2008 by Sara Terry, The Aftermath Project is a photography program and grant that supports post-conflict storytelling. The book features the work of more than 50 photographers from 15 countries, all of whom have been winners and finalists of The Aftermath Project’s annual grant competition.

Recipients of the award include acclaimed photojournalists Nina Berman, Andrea Bruce, Jim Goldberg, Stanley Greene, Jessica Hines and Danny Wilcox Frazier. Their work addresses the other half of of conflict, “the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace,” states the press release.

War is Only Half the Story includes an introduction by Sara Terry, two poems by Nobel Laureate Wislawa Szymborska and texts by photographer Donald Weber and literary critic and translator Clare Cavanagh.

In his essay, “What Remains,” Weber writes,”Photography’s allure is its spectral ability to provide a creative retrieval of history of past encounters, and offer a counter-testimonial to the historical narratives into which they had previously been written … For ten years now, The Aftermath Project has recognized this question of the remainder, and has provided a necessary forum for culture and creativity to allow society to better understand historical trauma.”

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