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Andrea Modica: As We Wait

As We Wait, an exhibition of Andrea Modica’s work, will be featured this month at Tilt Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the introduction to the 2015 book, As We Wait, photographer Larry Fink writes that Modica “works with sensual love as her base but aligned with a darkness which is pervasive, so much so that it can color your dreams.” The black and white photographs, which Fink characterizes as imparting an “atmospheric gauze,” urge the viewer to examine the body, and also nature.

The images in As We Wait, many of human bodies on forest floors, are stark and serious. But as Fink observes, “surprisingly from time to time, there is an innocence which floats to the surface of your heart. From out of the darkness a blink of tender rapture appears.”

Fink welcomes the viewer to enter the series through an image titled “Tonopah, Nevada,” which he describes as “an illusionary visage of two men sitting on the edge of a steaming tub…One is looking haltingly into the future the other waiting ominously within the present. ” In the photograph, it’s as if a stage is set. The viewer is steered to anticipate how these men will interact, what will pass between them. “This is a work which has a soft edge but roars like a weighted crow in its insistence for transcendence,” writes Fink.

The Director and Co-Founder of Tilt Gallery, Melanie Craven, told PDN that when looking at Modica’s images “there is always something lurking beneath the surface. It is not just what you see and how it makes you feel, but the unanswered questions that remain. Her use of symbolism and metaphor allow me to continuously re-invent the stories that flow from her work.”

The image that Craven is most drawn to is “#2 Lunenburg, Vermont” because of the poignant way it captures “the fragility of the human encompassed by nature” and the danger that is always lurking beneath.

Modica is a Guggenheim Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar and the recipient of the Knight Award. She works as a photographer in Philadelphia, PA, and teaches at Drexel University.

Tilt Gallery
7077 East Main Street # 14 Scottsdale AZ, 85251
February 1 – 24, 2018
As We Wait by Andrea Modica

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