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Artists Weave, Sew and Assemble to Expand the Photograph

New York-based Klompching Gallery will be exhibiting the work of seven fine art photographers, and have prints on hand from 11 additional artists, at the Classic Photographs Los Angeles art fair in California.

Klompching Gallery told PDN that the artists selected for the fair “work with photography in highly conceived and structured ways, bringing originality to their respective subjects.” For example, the portraits of the Herero people by Jim Naughten “owe their iconic status partly to Naughten’s exceptional lighting and vantage point,” an approach also seen in the work of R. J. Kern. There are two artists in the show, Samin Ahnadzadeh and Odette England, who mine and reconstruct photographic archives to make “unique one-of-a-kind photographs.” Helen Sear‘s multi-step photographic process shows the labor of the hand, as does Diane Meyer – through embroidering her photographs – and Max de Esteban in his layered images of old technology. “Together,” adds the gallery, “the artists employ photography in surprising and sophisticated ways, expanding what we think of as a photograph, while at the same time, maintaining its key tropes.”

Here are short descriptions, with links to more lengthy bios, of the of artists included in the POTD gallery above.

Iranian born Samin Ahmadzadeh works with archived photographs, re-assembling them into new narratives that draw the viewer’s attention to  how memory and identity are interwoven.

For Odette England the notion of home is the center of her artistic practice. She uses memory and forgetting as a counterbalance.

Max de Esteban creates multi-layered photographs that depict recent cutting edge technology, now considered obsolete, used to communicate audio and visuals.

R. J. Kern‘s work explores sentiments of home, ancestry, and a sense of place through the interaction of people, animals, and cultural landscapes.

Jim Naughten‘s images are concerned with an abiding interest in collective perceptions of history and relationships with the past.

Interested in the disjunct between actual experience and photographic representation, and photography’s ability to supplant memory, Diane Meyer sews directly into family photographs allowing seemingly trivial details to emerge while the larger context is obscured.

Helen Sear investigates ideas of vision, touch and re-presentation of the nature of experience, with particular reference to the human and animal body.

Michael Jackson is an experimental photographer who is regarded as a leading exponent of the Luminogram process.

A veteran photojournalist, William Miller creates colorful abstract images by using a broken Polaroid SX-70 camera.

Jeanette May uses an analytical, sometimes playful, approach to investigate representation itself, carefully arranging compositions with a rich color palette.

Klompching Gallery at Classic Photographs Los Angeles
February 2-4, 2018
Opening Preview: Friday February 2, 6pm–8pm
Booth: Gallery G3, #30
Bergamot Arts Center
2525 Michigan Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404

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