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Mario Cusolito, a former fisherman from Stromboli, is portrayed on a small beach called “Aeolus’s Cave”. Next to him I photographed part of the wall of lava rock surrounding the beach. Aeolus, the Greek god of the winds, was thought to have moved his headquarters from a nearby island to Stromboli in order to better control and distribute the winds in the Mediterranean sea. © Gaia Squarci

Humans in the Shadow of a Volcano

January 23, 2018 Documentary/Photojournalism
Martina Košak’s silver spoon. Martina was a nurse on the island of Rab. She was with the children who were lying on the floor. They had no water, no paper to place under the children, who had such terrible diarrhea that the floor beneath them became infested with worms. She said it felt so terrible that as a woman and a nurse she could not bear it, could not endure it. © Manca Juvan

Guardians of the Spoon: Shedding Light on Italy’s ...

January 22, 2018 Portraits/Portraiture
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