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Existence and Identity in Korea


What do Korean photographers want to talk about? An exhibit opening tomorrow at the Space 9 gallery in Seoul, Korea, delves into this question. The title, “The Exhibition; Post-Photoville 2017 #44”, references an iteration of the exhibit that was displayed at the Photoville photography festival in New York City earlier this year.

The exhibit at Space 9 brings the work of eight Korean photographers – Hyong-ryol Bak, Hyung-geun Park, Jee Won Lee, Jinhee Bae, Sung Yon Kim, Wonchul Lee, Anna Lim, Gun Young Lee – who were featured at Photoville to a local audience. Exploring themes like “Who am I?”, “What does family mean?”, and “What kind of a society am I living in?”, the exhibit looks at social expectations in Korean society and the meaning of life and death.

The curators hope viewers will consider the individual photographer’s visual language and societal beliefs embodied in the images, encouraging self-reflection and empathy both for their closest neighbors and the world at large.

“The Exhibition; Post-Photoville 2017 #44” will be on view from December 22-January 4, 2018.

– Sarah Stacke

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