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Aaron Siskind’s Vintage Abstraction

A new show presents Aaron Siskind’s exploration of the abstractions he found in everyday materials. The exhibition, on view at Gitterman Gallery in New York City until January 20 includes 19 vintage prints that show fragments of marks made by nature or human hands, or by the passage of time. There are bits of graffiti ranging from pencil scrawls to swerving spray paint, commercial signs, brick walls covered in peeling or thick paint and arrangements of rocks found in nature. Printed with an eye towards showing the textures of these various materials, the images are also studies of graphic form, which resemble the Abstract Expressional paintings of the same era, work that Siskind admired and sometimes showed with. As the gallery writes, Siskind’s images “function as meditations on what we leave behind: emotional, even spiritual records of the interconnectedness of all things.”

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