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New Art in Brooklyn, from Around the World

A new group show at Red Hook Labs in Brooklyn presents work from 25 emerging, international photographers who have one thing in common—they are unrepresented by a gallery or agency. The artists were selected from the Labs’ open call by jurors including representatives from Art+Commerce, Vogue Italia, Trunk Archive, I-D Magazine, Condé Nast and School of Visual Arts.

The photographers in “Labs New Artists” use a range of approaches, making images that are intimate or universal. Among them, Aleksey Kondratyev’s Kazakh ice fisherman are transformed into futuristic abstraction by the plastic bags that protect them from the cold. In his series “Inside Out,” Harris Mizrahi makes portraits of people he meets on road trips taken while battling bipolar disorder. Alexandra Von Fuerst works with the language of fashion; her series “Of withered petals under the blooming flower” transforms bodies into surreal tableaux. Isabel Magowan explores anxious moments among privileged adolescents. Together, the images present a snapshot of photography’s many new directions. The show, which benefits Red Hook Labs Education and Jobs Initiative, a non-profit that brings art and photography training to Red Hook, is on view until July 30.

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