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Drawing a Line in Nature

Sandi Haber Fifield’s new series “Lineations” continues her process of pairing images to make compositions that are more than the sum of their parts. On view at Robert Klein Gallery’s Ars Libri space in Boston in a show opening July 7 and running until August 23, the series combines photographs of tangled trees and brush with drawings that extend and echo the shapes in the photographs, making hybrid pictures that link the two systems of abstraction. Haber Fifield’s collaged and manipulated photographs depict twigs, weeds, flowering branches and vines, and fragments of the kind of plastic tape and mesh used to mark construction sites. These lines and colors are mirrored in Haber Fifield’s spare drawings, which include ribbon-like splashes of color. In a statement about her work, Haber Fifield writes, “My studio is the place where visual associations begin, vibrate, rattle and resolve, and where the unnoticed is examined, the familiar is seen, and the margins are mined for the meanings that collect there.”

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