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The Colorful South

A new show at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art explores the role of the South in the development of fine art photography. “The Colourful South,” on view until October 26, includes photographs by William Christenberry, Birney Imes, William Greiner, William Ferris and Alec Soth from the museum’s collection. On view concurrently with a William Eggleston exhibition there,  “The Colourful South” includes artists who were working in color before, after and concurrently with Eggleston. Recording buildings, signs, landscapes and people, they work in a documentary style that falls anywhere between an anthropological and poetic approach. While Eggleston’s influence looms large (the man himself appears in an image by Soth), together the pictures suggest that some essence of the South demands to be seen in color, a call that influenced fine art photographers everywhere. As Richard McCabe, curator of photography for the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, says in a statement, the exhibition “highlights the South’s leading role in bringing color photography into the forefront of contemporary art in the 20th century.”

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