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New England’s Urban Turbines

In Greer Muldowney’s series “Urban Turbines,” on view at the Half King Photo Series in New York City until May 20, wind turbines play hide and seek in the suburban New England landscape. They loom over a residential street or hover over the tree line at a Pee Wee football game, or take cover in the corner of the frame, tucked between houses and skies. As Muldowney writes, her photos “depict cliché images of the built landscape and architecture of this region with these new, abrupt structures.”

The turbines, set alone or in small groups in densely populated areas, don’t look like the massive wind farms that dot the West, and their function is different, too. Built in response to tax breaks and grant offers, the turbines are part of a state goal to power 800,000 homes with wind energy by 2020. Although they have led communities to “upgrade infrastructure and create educational facilities in green energy,” writes Muldowney, the turbines sometimes “pay off more in tax incentives to developers than useable energy in the grid.”

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