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The Pleasures of AIPAD

After a decade at the Park Avenue Armory, this year The Photography Show, AIPAD’s spring fine art photo art fair, takes place at Pier 94, where it runs from today until Sunday, April 2. The newly expanded show includes more than 115 galleries from around the world, who show vintage and contemporary work from celebrated and emerging artists. One of the pleasures of art fairs is previewing new series and seeing work from around the world. Our highly subjective roundup includes Eamonn Doyle at Michael Hoppen Gallery, in London, who has made several very different street series, all shot in the same few blocks of North Dublin’s Parnell Street, where he lives. Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles presents selections from Kevin Cooley’s latest body of work, “Gathering Clouds,” which studies explosions in the controlled stillness of the studio. Ulrich Schmitt, who have his first show at Galerie f5,6 in Munich in May, researches complex techniques for toning silver prints to make delicately colored botanicals. Noemie Goudal, at Galerie Les filles du calvaire in Paris, creates imagined observatories set in still, empty tidelands. While Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, at Polka Galerie, also in Paris, photograph real abandoned spaces, documenting crumbling or repurposed theaters across the U.S.

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