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Memories of Crow’s Field

Siri Kaur’s subjects have included celebrity impersonators, amateur wrestler and people she found on Craigslist, but her new series “Crow’s Field,” on view at Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles until April 22, is more personal. The title comes from the name Kaur and her childhood friends gave to a strip of empty land that they claimed, while growing up in rural New England. Rather than photographing the place itself, which no longer exists, Kaur has recreated its mood and feeling, in photographs that suggest a nostalgic and uneasy view of a childhood close to nature. There are idyllic scenes of kids at play in the woods, climbing trees or running through mossy forests. Other images are more melancholy and mysterious—there are faded sunflowers (always a good symbol for past glory days), and an unexpected and unexplained puff of steam in flowering meadow, floating like an apparition. Also unexplained is the bright red color of an octopus caught on a fishing boat, or the nakedness of a woman who relaxes with a Saint Bernard on a mountaintop stone wall. Like distant memories, Kaur’s images linger.

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