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New York Chronicles

Like many before him, Luc Kordas shoots street photography in New York City. His “New York Chronicles” take him from Midtown to Coney Island, and include portraits of interesting types, moments of dramatic light and an ongoing look at the city’s Hasidic community. His images reflect the city’s two poles of connection and isolation. There are odd or lonesome figures framed by the wide space around them—a man rolls a bicycle tire down a sunny street, a figure reads among empty chairs outside the library. Others are framed more closely and focus on interactions between Kordas and his subjects. Kordas writes about the project, “What I like about street is that it takes you places. You follow your instinct, the light, shadows, some characters, a hat, a sound or a smell, and you wander the streets freely with no particular pattern. At least that’s how I go about it…I like that spontaneity of street, the surprises, the layers created with wide-angle lens, the tough composition, the randomness of it, too.”

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