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Between Blossoms

Shen Wei’s new series “Between Blossoms,” on view at Flowers in New York City until April 22, includes blooming trees and landscapes, observations of urban scenes and nude self portraits, a combination of genres that evokes a particular polished darkness and mystery. Shot on travels around the U.S., Europe and Asia, the images highlight moments of stillness in nature—there is a feather caught in grass, a monkey framed by branches and a peacock half-hidden by greenery. Other images find moments of isolation in the human world, such as a view of a white shirt hanging to dry among bare trees, or the bright blond wood of a half-built house set against dark hills. All the images share a careful use of negative space, which frames subjects in deep shadow. In a recent interview in Paper Journal, Shen Wei describes the common thread in his work. “The project really connects to me very personally. It’s about how I see life,…the darkness, beauty, lightness, mysteries and fantasies, and all qualities that intertwine between them. Every image says different things, but when you put them together they represent how I see the world and how I respond to life.”

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