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An Intimate View of Early Punk San Francisco

Jim Jocoy’s new book Order of Appearance, published this month by TBW, is a record of the West Coast punk scene in its early days, from 1977 to 1980, shot mostly in San Francisco. Following We’re Desperate, his 2002 book, Order of Appearance pulls from the archive of color slides Jocoy made while working at a copy shop, going to shows, and documenting the lives of his friends as they played music and made art. Intimate, lucid and heartfelt, Jocoy’s images are a record of a “time in San Francisco before MTV and certainly before the Internet,” he writes in the book, a fragile moment when the Summer of Love was definitively over and the AIDS epidemic was still in its earliest stages.

As Jocoy told an interviewer, “During the early punk era in San Francisco, many of my friends were active in their quest to express themselves. I have no musical skills and I’m basically very introverted. I found out soon that I felt more comfortable hiding behind my camera, and could interact with people much better with it.” The result of that pursuit is an insider’s view of a defining era.

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