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Getty Images Announces Instagram Grant Winners

Today for the second year, Getty Images in collaboration with Instagram, announced the winners of this year’s Getty Images Instagram Grant. The $10,000 grant, expanded to include videographers and visual artists telling local stories, is given to photographers using Instagram to document stories from underrepresented communities around the world. This year’s winners, Christian Rodriguez (@christian_foto), Ronny Sen (@ronnysen, @whatdoestheendoftimelooklike) and Girma Berta (@gboxcreative) tell a range of diverse stories.

Sen, from India, is documenting coal fires that have burned underground for over one hundred years in Jharia, in the Eastern state of Jharkhand, using both still images and video to show how people have been affected by the disaster and the corporations that caused it. Berta uses his iPhone to photograph vibrant, gritty street life in Addis Ababa, crossing street photography with fine art by isolating his subjects against backdrops of rich color. Rodriguez, based in Uruguay, won for his project “Teen Mom,” which depicts the lives of teenage mothers and their children in Latin America. Their work, along with Honorable Mention winners Daro Sulakauri (@darosulakauri), Ako Salemi (@f64s125) and Andrew Quilty (@andrewquilty), will be on view at Photoville in New York City from September 21 to 25.

“Every day, people around the globe capture and share poignant moments on Instagram, inspiring others to see things in a new way,” said Amanda Kelso, Director of Community at Instagram, in a statement. “We are honored to highlight the visual work of this year’s winners, who each offer a striking glimpse into rarely seen worlds.”

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