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Hybrid Vigor

Doublemix,” a show at De Soto Gallery in Los Angeles on view until July 23, is a collaboration between Denis Darzacq and Anna Lüneman that crosses photography with sculpture—her earthenware elements are embedded directly into the surface of his laser-cut photographs. Childlike vessels and blob-shaped flat pieces painted in bright, dripping color riff on the form and content of photos depicting mundane subject including dogs, cars, rocks and sculptures. In some, Lüneman’s pieces begin to suggest the unconscious thoughts and feelings of Darzacq’s everyday subjects, and the results are surreal, surprising and fun. For instance, something circular floats over the dog, who might be chasing after or running from its dark center. Elsewhere, a wreath of rough cups encircles the car and its driver, suggesting the embodiment of his sunny, amorphous thoughts. Writes the gallery in a statement, “Pitting the pixel against the tactile, the composites occupy a strange and poetic interstice…[The images] make palpable the surrealism of life in the digital age and prompts a reappraisal of our engagement with images.”

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  1. Can’t. Stop. Laughing…
    “…the embodiment of his sunny, amorphous thoughts.”
    I smell prime pretentious sh1te…

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