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Head On Photography Festival is Proudly Inclusive

There are three things Moshe Rosenzveig, the director of Head On Photo Festival, would like you to know about Australia’s leading photography festival. First, since 2005, the festival has put $500,000 (AUD) worth of photography equipment and prizes back into the industry through the Head On Awards. Second, every competition facilitated by Head On is judged anonymously, allowing proposals to stand on merit rather than name or previous acknowledgments. This uncommon process results in unpredictable and diverse collections and exhibitions that promote work by photographers at every stage of their careers. “We work around the prevailing gatekeepers and support all photographers, including those who are not part of a clique,” says Rosenzveig. Lastly, through September 26, 2015, Head On is accepting submissions for inclusion in the 2016 festival. They believe “Every photographer has a story to tell. Some are confronting. Some are breathtaking. Some are inspirational. Some are beautiful.” Now they want to know, “What’s Your Story?”

The winners of the 2015 Head On Portrait Prize are on view at Photoville through Sunday, September 20, 2015.

—Sarah Stacke


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