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Mediterranean Coastal Beauty

Sardinia, the Italian island in the Mediterranean, is a popular summer vacation spot. Photographer Cédric Dasesson, has made Sardinia his year-round home and the subject of many of his photos. Dasesson, who lives in Cagliari, regularly shoots the island’s rocky shores, capturing the effects of sun, waves and weather. After studying architecture with limited success, Dasesson decided to start over as a photographer—sometimes shooting for architectural clients, more frequently making images of the seashore of Sardinia. Using long exposures, he strives to create views of the water “not like a postcard, but like a depth study of geometry, perspectives and matter.” Two years ago, he started posting his images on Instagram, treating his feed like a logbook of his explorations. Outdoor brands in the U.S. and Australia such as Bradley Mountain, Assembly Label and BirkSun have taken notice of his work. They have hired him to shoot their products within his seascapes, sometimes by showing them on lone figures near the sea. “What in the beginning was a passion is now a job,” he says.

Dasesson shows his different styles and subjects on his website and in different Instagram feeds:
@cedricdasesson for a mix of his personal and advertising work, @sardiniaseaboard for his seascapes, and @cedric_dasesson for his “white” series of architectural photos.

Summer is winding down in the northern hemisphere, but as the days grow shorter, we’ll be looking at Cédric Dasesson’s images to remind us of the pleasure of breathing salty sea air.

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