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© Martin Usborne
A Galgo near Malaga at a rescue center. Courtesy of Lee Marks Fine Art, Shelbyville, IN. © Martin Usborne

Where Hunting Dogs Rest

September 24, 2015 Animals
© Ebru Yildiz
"When your band is doing good, you can play a few sold out shows at relatively bigger venues. But are you going to play a sold out show every month? Every week? It is not something sustainable” says Anıl Çamcı. © Ebru Yildiz

Sounds From the Turkish Music Scene

September 21, 2015 Documentary/Photojournalism
© Amira Al-Sharif
Detwah Lagoon, Socotra, Yemen. Sadiya feeds her goats wheat every day at the same location. She calls them with a distinct "Heeg" sound and they come running. Every other day she goes to the mountain to feed her other herd that lives further away. © Amira Al-Sharif

A Love Song to Socotra Island, Yemen

September 16, 2015 Documentary/Photojournalism
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