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Home Is Where the Weird Is

Israeli photographer Rubi Lebovitch had primarily focused on street photography, until he became a father. After the the birth of his twins, Lebovitch found himself spending many hours at home. He noticed things he hadn’t seen before, and his kids, he says, started using household objects in different ways. These things led Lebovitch to create a body of work around the home, building scenes in an “absurd manner” with objects from daily life.

Images for “Home Sweet Home“, currently on view at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, took time to create. “Whenever I have an idea for a photo I immediately write it down, then I start looking for the right objects, place and time to shoot,” Lebovitch says. “Sometimes it requires collecting or purchasing objects specifically for the photo, and this may delay the process for awhile.”

The first image he took for the project [Slide 6], an embroidered scene of houses on a mountain, gave Lebovitch the idea for his project name. “Home Sweet Home” is ongoing. “I’m still working on bringing to life new ideas and scenes to add to the series, while returning to my earlier work of shooting street photography.”

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