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Demolition Man: Anna Alexander on Blake Farrington

This guest post is by Anna Alexander, senior photo editor at WIRED magazine. Here she writes about the work of Blake Farrington, a commercial and reportage shooter based in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Blake Farrington is ultra versatile in medium and topic. What most attracted me to his photography was his street/documentary style work of all things fast. I absolutely love his photo essay on demolition derbies in Southern California. I’m drawn to this particular series because I know some of his work is a bit more serious, black-and-white reportage. I just didn’t expect this fun, colorful, fast side of him. In his series “Fender Bender,” he captures not only the race, but the culture of all things demolition derby.

Blake Farrington is a brilliant photographer. Yes, of course, his work is amazing, but I’m talking about his brain: his photo brain. He knows everything and he sees everything and he knows exactly how to capture it. He is such a comforting and lovely human to have around, that once you meet him, you understand how he got access to everything he shoots. How can you say no to Blake Farrington?

For more on Farrington, check out his Tumblr, or his Instagram.

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