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In 2009, when Brandon Lee Gorman was a sophomore in high school, he photographed “Youth Pride,” one of seven complementary Pride programs for the LGBTQ community in Boston. With press passes in hand, Gorman has since photographed seven Gay Pride events in both Boston and New York. They’ve become a big part of his portfolio, and he plans to continue photographing the events as a longterm project. “Gay Pride has a personal place in my heart as an openly gay photographer and man,” Gorman says, “so I photograph with my heart and with what Gay Pride means to me: hope, love, pride, acceptance, and visibility.”

Gorman, 23, is busy pursuing a dual degree BA/MA in Psychology at The New School, and shooting. Gorman’s personal work is social documentary, but he’s also worked on editorial portraits. “I also do editing and design work for my [photographer] father, Brian Gorman,” he says.

The younger Gorman’s work has been published in exhibition catalogues and online by the PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, VT, and he’s exhibited in numerous group shows over the years at places like the Center for Fine Art Photography in Houston, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) Center of New York. He’s also had two solo museum exhibitions at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, where two of his prints live in the permanent collection.

New York City celebrates its annual NYC Pride festival this week and weekend. If you plan on photographing any of the festivities, Gorman has offered the following advice:

I recommend photographing the true essence of the event, and not trying to photograph the stereotypes that some may be seeking. Try to find your personal connection with the event you are photographing, and try to connect with the people and the event itself.

Photography is a powerful medium that can be used to show the world a glimpse into your truth and reality. My art has served as a platform for me to have a voice and speak to many people, and for that I am thankful. Whether I am photographing Gay Pride or my current work in the Chinese community, my photography is about creating change and helping people to see the world in new perspectives.”

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