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The Seagoing Merchants of Tunis

“Since people started sailing in the ancient times, merchants across the Mediterranean Sea have given life to a rich trade with the other populations inhabiting the Mediterranean shores,” writes Italian photographer Eugenio Grosso in his statement for “Heavily Loaded,” his series depicting the packed cars making the ferry voyage across the Mediterranean every Saturday from Palermo, Italy, to Tunis, Tunisia. Every Saturday, Tunisian immigrants gather at the port, Grosso relates. “All of them carry something to sell. Since the economic crisis hit Europe numerous immigrants have lost their jobs. By reviving the old practice of sea trade, these people have created a new chance for business and an effective way to deal with the slump.” Imagining a connection between the ancient mariners and present-day ferry-going merchants, Grosso documented the endless stream of vehicles boarding the ferries between the port of Palermo, on the island of Sicily, and Tunis throughout 2014.

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