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Warriors Come Out To Play

With a background in art directing and a love of culture, Delphine Diaw Diallo makes photographs that are graphically composed, yet soft and personal. She pushes the boundaries in her personal work, while translating her style into commercial assignments. She is always moving forward; her work is constantly evolving, with new projects building on her finished work.

A series she just began, “The New Heroes,” is a result of her recent black-and-white celebrity portrait work, “New Mythology.” “Heroes,” is a study in movement, form, fashion and art. Working with dance students from Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, she explores various techniques and styles, and draws on influences from modern dancer and choreographer Martha Graham to Kung Fu. Designed by Chromat, a fashion/design studio led by Becca McCharen, the structural bodices worn by the dancers, were made with a 3D printer.

In a statement about “The New Heroes,” Diallo writes:

And for the last 20 years… an online world giving you access to unlimited visions from movies, to news to arts brought a very different understanding of our environment…divided between the physical and the virtual world…. I dreamed about images [that] can pull people together… a universal connection with one another, an evolution of the relationship between men and women. The idea is to turn those women into warriors as a new hero, they were called into the realm of adventure, they were called to new horizons.

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