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A Dynamic Duo in Black-and-White

For a shoot for Los Angeles-based fashion and art magazine, Jimon, Luzena Adams photographed Next models Myf Shepherd and Maria Flavia in black-and-white. When it comes to editorial shoots, Adams plays the role of both photographer and art director. Adams wanted to do something “dynamic” for this story for Jimon’s Fall/Winter 2014 issue, and also go back to her roots in analogue photography. “When I first picked up a camera and discovered the darkroom, I only ever shot in black-and-white,” Adams told PDN via email. “There is something romantic and mysterious about it. [Black-and-white] also brings out the details in the knits and textiles.” It was also Adams’ idea to pair two models together. “For this shoot, I [was] also fascinated with the idea of twins and how we begin to become mirrors of those who we are close to in our lives.”

To see more of Luzena’s work, please visit her website or her agency’s page, and follower her on Twitter or Instagram.

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