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Capturing an Adventurous Spirit

Bordering documentary and fantasy, Jenny Riffle‘s series, “Scavenger: Adventures in Treasure Hunting,” tells the story of a present-day treasure hunter.”I’m interested in this adventurous spirit, wanting to convey that,” Riffle told PDN for an article that ran in the December 2013 issue. “The treasure hunting really comes down to being an explorer, someone who’s going out and discovering things.”

Perhaps the adventurous spirit is contagious. Her series was exhibited at Newspace Center for Photography in Portland last winter, and is currently on view through March 26, 2015 at the Griffin Museum at the Stoneham Theatre in Stoneham, Massachusetts. Her work was also included in a short film for the Month of Photography in Denver, featured alongside work by Bryan Schutmaat, Narayan Mahon, Dina Litovsky, Morgan Rachel Levy, Hanne + Carla and Benjamin Rasmussen.

“I think the Scavenger series has been successful because people can relate to the images in some way—possibly the images take people into a romanticized world full of treasure, or on a journey searching and wandering through the American landscape, or just as likely into their own memories of an adventure,” Riffle told PDN via email. “Ultimately, I think most people can relate to the thrill of the hunt—which is what keeps Riley [her subject] going after all these years. Someone may be looking for the best deal in the grocery store or for a chest full of buried treasure, but whatever it is, you feel the excitement of possibility—who knows what you will find next, but you must keep looking.”

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