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Close Encounters of the Art Kind

The old adage, “one thing leads to another” applies to artist Doug Keyes‘ latest project, “Portraits.” The complex, multi-layering of a single image was a process he used in his “Collective Memory” series, a catalogue for a Chuck Close exhibition Keyes photographed in 1998. With “Portraits,” Keyes creates entirely new faces from otherwise recognizable and iconic images.

“Sourcing images from books and the internet, and often inspired by portraits experienced in person, Keyes selects images that collectively create an overall representation of each artist’s portraiture work,” Klompching Gallery said in a statement about the work. “The resulting photographs reshape the work of such iconic names as Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Martin Schoeller and Frida Kahlo.”

Join Keyes, an American artist who currently resides in Seattle, at a reception for his new show, “Portraits,” this evening at Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn. The exhibition runs through April 11, 2015.

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