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Fashion Lust,” is the aptly titled first U.S. solo show of Dina Litovsky, who’s received a bevy of press for the series which opened last week at Anastasia Gallery in New York.

Featuring images from four seasons of shooting Fashion Week for clients like The Cut, New York magazine and T: The New York Times Style Magazine Litovsky includes scenes from New York, Paris and London—though it’s difficult to identify (without captions) where each image was taken. “There were only slight variations,” Litovsky told PDN via email. “Paris seemed to be the most artsy and glamorous, while London was more edgy and experimental, but the general vibe didn’t vary. When I was shooting my first fashion week, I was actually surprised to see how similar the event is in different cities. Most of the models work the whole month in all the four cities, and same goes for makeup artists, hair stylists and photographers. Once inside the space of fashion week, either backstage or front row, it is almost impossible to tell the different cities apart.”

T: The New York Times Style Magazine
T: The New York Times Style Magazine

And how did she manage the ever-intense fashion pits, where so many photographers are angling for the same shot? “I was focusing more on the scene, including other photographers, and—at all possible costs—was avoiding having models pose for my camera (not an easy feat),” Litovsky says. “To do that, often I would shoot another photographer directing a model. But many became very unhappy, and I realized they thought I was stealing their shot. When I understood that, I started to explain exactly what I was shooting, so most of the time it was OK.”

This tactic resulted in some unplanned triumphs. “One of my favorites is the audience photo from Paris [Slide 6]. I snapped this at Issey Miyake; I really liked how everyone was vertically arranged to watch the runway. When I got home and saw it full size, I realized that every single person in the image has a camera or an iphone in his or her hands and I absolutely loved that.” (Not coincidentally, one of Litovsky’s previous series, “Untag This Photo,” studies public behavior and the representation of women have been influenced by social media, iPhone photos, etc.).

“Fashion Lust” runs through February 26, 2015.


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  1. “… features images from four seasons of shooting Fashion Week in Paris, New York and London in her own, distinctive style.”

    AKA under camera “monster lighting.”

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