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Neatly Knit Dinners

London-based photographer David Sykes’ collaboration with model-maker Jessica Dance, “Comfort Food,” seems like a series ordinary still-life images of food. The genius of this series is that each food object is made out of wooly yarn, knit by Dance. “We styled the sets to be as real as possible and lit them in the same way I would have lit it if I was shooting one of my food shoots,” Sykes told PDN via email. “Jess had previously made some cushions out of wool that looked like sandwiches and we talked about expanding that into whole meals made from wool. We decided that it would be good to choose iconic and instantly recognisable dishes that also had a playful side to them.” Previously Sykes had worked with Dance on a “wooly” animals series [slides 7 and 8]. Dance made the burger first [slide 1], which is when Sykes knew they were on to something. “Her attention to detail was fantastic right down to the gherkins you get in burgers.”

These crafty food images made their way across social media platforms this spring, but we felt they deserved another look, especially on Thanksgiving [slide 3].


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