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Dark, Moody and Mythological Tarot

Since the 18th century, tarot cards have been used by mystics and psychics to help predict the future. Artist Victoria Goldman‘s concept for her current exhibition, “Mythicos Divinare,” is based on her long-time fascination with Tarot images and their significance. Her “Mythicos Divinare” images were made mostly with Polaroid, or with film and a Rolleiflex camera. She has worked on the project from 1999 up through a few months ago. “Each image in the collection is inspired by and named after one of the 22 major archetypes of the Tarot,” Robin Rice Gallery said in a statement about the exhibition. “While photographing and teaching yoga and meditation in India, Hawaii, and throughout Europe, Goldman always made sure to carry a Tarot deck in her backpack. She views Tarot as a tool for personal elevation, helping her direct her focus and better understand her psyche.” 

Mythicos Divinare” is currently only view through December 14, 2014 at Robin Rice Gallery in New York City.




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